The Cowichan Cat Hotel's response

 UPDATED: 17 July 2020

British Columbia is now in Phase Three of it's COVID19 recovery plan, people are beginning to travel again and here at the Cowichan Cat Hotel we are hosting guests once more.

Following advice from the Provincial Government, our policies will be amended and updated as appropriate. Please check this page for current policy changes.


If either you or your cat is coughing, or presenting any signs of covid19, please stay home and call a medical professional.
Transfer of items

Ideally, please only bring:

  • Your cat

  • Cat food

  • A crate

  • One item that smells of home (e.g. sweater/pillowcase)

Please bring as few items as you need for the comfort of your cat.

Visits to the Hotel are reduced:
  • Entry to the hotel will only be when you drop off your cat.

  • Pick-ups will be at the gate.

  • Visits prior to bringing your cat for their stay are limited to one family member only.

  • Face masks will be worn while inside the hotel.

  • Social distancing will happen at all times.

  • No visits with you cat during their stay (sorry!)


  • As standard, all suites are thoroughly disinfected between guests, as are litter trays and food/water bowls. All beds/bedding and soft toys are washed.

  • Frequency of disinfecting all these items will be increased during your cat's stay.

  • Additional disinfecting of communal areas will happen between different cats' use of these areas.

  • We use veterinary and hospital grade disinfectants that do not have the strong odour of bleach, and should not be harmful or otherwise adversive to your cat.

Returning from outside British Columbia?

If you are required, or choose to self isolate after your trip, please let us know and we can arrange a no-contact collection.

We can all keep each other safe.

Enjoy your trip!